Friday, October 11, 2013

$dss details of secondary offering @ 1.075

Title of Each Class of
Securities to be Registered
 Amount to be
  Proposed Maximum Offering Price
Per Share(2)
  Proposed Maximum Aggregate Offering
Price (2)
  Amount of Registration
Primary Offering            
Common Stock, $.02 par value per share  15,000,000  $1.075(3) $16,125,000  $2,076.90 
Warrants     (4)  (4)  (4)
Secondary Offering                
Common Stock  4,859,894  $1.075(3) $5,224,386.05  $672.90 
Total  19,859,894          $2,749.80 

The combined company may require additional capital to support its present business plan and its anticipated business growth, and such capital may not be available on acceptable terms, or at all, which would adversely affect the combined company’s ability to operate.

DSS believes that the Bascom intellectual property will significantly augment the scope and value of DSS’s litigation and licensing business without impacting its current operations or resource allocation plan.

The Bascom Portfolio will expand upon DSS’s licensing potential and ability to compete within its current areas of commercial focus. DSS’s primary commercial focus is to develop integrated security solutions for authentication and brand protection that incorporate DSS’s proprietary print and digital technologies such as its suite of AuthentiGuard patents, the DSS Digital Group’s cloud computing platform and intellectual property, and customized software that delivers digital security solutions via standard handheld devices (such as the apple iPhone) and the cloud. DSS anticipates that this commercial focus will benefit from the integration of technical “know-how” from Thomas Bascom, the President and Chief Technology Officer of Bascom Research, as well as from the ability to use the current Bascom Portfolio and any potential new derivative technologies that may be co-developed and licensed. DSS initially will be the only competitor in the marketplace that is a licensee of the Bascom Portfolio, which may lead to additional licensing opportunities for DSS with customers or competitors.

The Bascom Research intellectual property licensing program provides a significant new potential income stream for DSS’s litigation and licensing business that will be funded by DSSTM, and as such, will not alter the current resource allocation for DSS’s existing litigation and licensing business. DSSTM has delivered approximately $6.25 million in capital (net of transaction fees) in connection with the Merger, which will be used in part to fund the Bascom Research licensing effort. We do not expect that DSS capital resources will initially be used for Bascom Research, and the Bascom Research effort will not initially divert other DSS resources aside from requiring some oversight by the current DSS General Counsel, who will be involved in all ongoing litigation and licensing matters for the combined company.
The shares of common stock offered by us may be sold directly by us, through dealers or agents designated from time to time, to or through underwriters or dealers or through a combination of these methods on a continuous or delayed basis.  See “Plan of Distribution” in this prospectus.  We may also describe the plan of distribution for any particular offering of our securities in a prospectus supplement. If any agents, underwriters or dealers are involved in the sale of any securities in respect of which this prospectus is being delivered, we will disclose their names and the nature of our arrangements with them in a prospectus supplement. The net proceeds we expect to receive from any such sale will also be included in a prospectus supplement.

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